The story of ASECO Elevators is one whose foundation was, in some ways, laid way before it was actually conceived.


In 1999, Technicoat International Factory was founded, catering to the growing demand for different types of coatings related to construction. Despite being in the business of coating and related services, the company made good of the opportunities that presented from time to time.


Thus in 2013, this business paved the way for a new foray – ASECO Elevators, the fourth member of the ASECO Group. Rather than being a problem, being new on the scene meant greater energy to compete and provide customers with solutions that meet their needs. The company today is engaged in the supply, installation, and maintenance of vertical transportation equipment for all types of buildings.


ASECO Elevators is a limited liability company registered with the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Department of the Government of Dubai.



We take care of the smallest details, and the bigger things take care of themselves. By ensuring complete dedication, expertise and time for each and every process, product and service, we deliver excellence every time.


In order to meet the customer’s demand of high-end products and to provide the best vertical and horizontal transportation solution, ASECO Elevators offers a wide range of elevator, escalator, and other moving walkway products. It covers small machine room and machine room less elevators, villa elevators, sightseeing elevators, bed elevators, and car elevators – all with speeds ranging from low to high.



Quality is not an additional feature of our products, It is the starting point of everything we do. We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals committed to efficiency, target achievement, and client satisfaction.


We are the exclusive agent for SWORD Elevators in the GCC. We uphold their values for quality, safety, precision, passion to build high-end elevators, escalators, and moving walkway products.



Welcome to ASECO Elevators.


From time to time a number of people have asked me,
“Why elevators?” To them I always say, “Why not?” In a city economically driven by real estate and property construction, is there even such a question? After all, Dubai isn’t home to the tallest building in the world for nothing.


Still, I must admit that when I first started Technicoat International Factory in 1999, I did not dare dream that my business in waterproofing, floor coating, industrial coating, and insulation would lead to lifts, escalators, and travellators. This is the beauty of building a customer-centered company. We would never have endured had we not put customers first.


It gives me great pleasure to say that where we are today is because of our customers. We owe our years of success and, indeed, the very existence of ASECO Elevators, to you.


On behalf of the team behind ASECO Elevators, I wish to thank you, first for making us a part of your lives, and second, for making us who we are today.


Here’s to many more years of partnership!





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